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about me

Matthew J

My passion is photography - not writing graceful inspiring prose - so I'll keep this short and sweet :)

I was raised here in Port Macquarie and I love every aspect of this beautiful town. Since discovering photography in 1991 I fell in love with the art form immediately.
I love being able to see something I identify as beautiful and share this with other people - that is what really fuels me and keeps me engaged.

A big part of my approach with my work is in maintaining a reverence for the natural beauty provided by the amazing vistas I capture. I'm not a big fan of processing and tend to apply only a few sparse & basic filter techniques, contrast and saturation enhancements and very little else - I let the views do most of the work for me.

As I move forward with this whole art form I learn new techniques and develop new processes & theories on my shooting technique as well as acquiring new technologies.
Most recently I've acquired a new waterproof housing and this has enabled me to capture Port Macquarie and anywhere else from an entirely different angle.

All of this excites me hugely and I love that I'm able to make a living out of my passion.Please continue on and check out some of
my favourite shots and let me know if there's anything you need more information about - always happy to help!

- Matt

Matt Jorgensen